World of Warships

Last updated Jun 14, 2024


World of Warships

Take to the Oceans of WW2 with World of Warships and test your nautical metal against the enemy. A strategic MMO following the success of World of Tanks.

·      Number of Unlockable Ships

·      Extremely reliant of Teamwork

·      Easy to learn mechanics

·      the unique setting of Warship Combat

Gameplay has really come into their own with their MMO Action games. The reason for their success, I believe, is the way they can take a tough real life situation, and provide straightforward and understandable mechanics for it. I mean, I can't think of anything harder than operating a warship in naval combat. Yet, World of Warships isn't bogged down by complicated controls. It's simple things like the Rudder and Throttle. They can be set and forgotten about, so all concentration can be on the battle itself. It all just works and takes no time to pick up.

Shooting is all about math, leading an enemy on and figuring out the distance. The game functions terrifically well, although it does take some getting used to. Seeing your bullets arch just clear of an enemy is frustrating, but seeing a hull explode from a direct hit a few minutes later makes all the practice worth it.

World of Warships is truly a team game. With each ship moving at a different pace, each with their own abilities and guns. Each ship class relies heavily on other types of ships to do their part. If any party is not doing their job, the team is sure to fail. World of Warships is a true MMO.


Imagine a warship cutting through the water. It's nothing like dogfights in the air or tanks rolling through towns. Each movement is slow and arduous, making them extremely important. Each moment is critical and each movement must be carefully planned out, each angle and turn have to be considered. Without this, you may leave yourself too open, with no way to turn and fire in time. Planning is the most important element of the game

This also leads to a downfall of the game. It can be slow. If you're not having a good game, it can takes ages for the enemy team to finish you off. It's extremely easy for players to make the wrong moves, die and leave the rest of your team with no way to win. Its just impossible for one ship to do much damage alone.


The game looks gorgeous. The sky with its clouds and light blue, the light bouncing off the rendered oceans, the glaciers we drift past. The graphics for all these can be turned down, however, for those running older setups, but god damn this isn't World of Tanks, it's truly spectacular.


Like in World of Tanks, there is quite a large amount of selection within the ships you can command. Each of the four ship types has Tiers that you level up in, getting larger, more complex ships as you do. The problem is that the largest, grandest ships require impossible amounts of work to get. This is definitely the most grind heavy Meta-economy game that has produced.

Each ship whether destroyer, cruiser, carrier, or battleship, has its own unique set of gadgets and weapons, making playing as each a totally different experience. From scout planes to torpedos to radar ships, to shooting with guns the size of buses to small machine gun fire. Each gadget and gun can be leveled up and at the end of the day, it's up to you to find which suits your playstyle best.


When you have a decent team, where everyone knows their place, this game is a canon-load of fun. The beautiful scenery and ships along with the rewarding gameplay make for an entertaining MMO. Once you get over the fact that the best players pay out the wazoo, you can have reap hours of fun nautical mayhem.

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