World of Tanks

Last updated Aug 28, 2021


World of Tanks

An MMO of the mechanical destruction variety, World of Tanks takes the explosive excitement of Tank warfare and brings it right to you.

·      Hundreds of tanks to choose from, upgrade and drive onto the battlefield

·      Historically accurate detail

·      Easy to learn mechanics that grows in depth

·      Large, Passionate Community

·      Fun and Strategic Gameplay


When you think of a tank rolling into battle, the first thing that comes to mind isn't how easy it would be to drive. But surprisingly enough, it seems to be, in War of Tanks at least. The gameplay is incredibly easy to understand, and with a short ten-minute tutorial, you're rolling all over the countryside blowing holes in no time. Essentially, its drive, aim and shoot. But don't be fooled, the level of strategic depth is insane. With the sheer amount of tanks to choose from, along with munition types, armor possibilities, crewmember training and the combination of tanks on the field, it can be quite a tactical experience if you're willing to give it a go.

Unlocking tanks require you to do well in battles to gain Experience. When your tank explodes, you have the opportunity to join a new battle again, but only if you have more tanks available in your garage. Say you're not used to your tank yet. BOOM! You explode before getting a single kill. If this happens frequently enough, it can really grind your progress to a halt. This is one of the only negatives to this game. The Grind can get frustrating. But if you push through, the reward of unlocking new gear is so sweet.


The lifeblood of this game, Tanks are more than just vehicles. There are literally hundreds to choose from, spanning ten Tiers and hailing from different countries from around the world. When you hear that there is such a large number, it's easy to assume many would be similar, just with different wrappers. This is far from the case. Each tank has a ridiculous amount of historical detail linked to it, along with unique stats and abilities. It can take some time to find what tank is right for your gameplay style, but once you do it's amazing the depth of tactics you can achieve.


The graphics of this game are exactly what you'd expect from a game reigning from  2010. There have been patches over the years, but still, while not bad, the graphics aren't great either. The beauty of this game, though, is that it doesn't matter. It's gritty. It's raw. It gets the job done without truly distracting from the Tank Warfare experience. At the end of the day, that's all that really matters.


I'd just like to take a second to show my appreciation from the battlefield of this game. Second only to the actual tanks themselves, the variation of fields in incredible. Each with different hills, choke points, cover, and destructible environment, each battlefield, be it an urban city, with tight streets or wide open desert, brings more opportunity for the strategic gamer.


Although old, World of Tanks has aged well. The sheer selection of tanks and upgrades makes for an exciting experience for anyone who is a fan of tanks of military shooters. This MMO Action game is simple and fun, with the opportunity to be an in-depth strategic game.

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