War Thunder

Last updated Aug 28, 2021


War Thunder

Using aviation, military vehicles and fleets, battles that once happened during the Korean War and World War II will be fought anew - with you! You won’t leap into battle on your own; real players from around the world can join you every step of the way. You’ll have access to hundreds of military aircrafts and vehicles, vast amount of rich PVE content, amazing graphics, single player or multiplayer available whenever you want…and that’s just the beginning!

What is War Thunder?

War Thunder is a free-to-play MMO focussed on aviation from World War II. Battles take place on the western and eastern front, the pacific, Korea, and the Mediterranean. You never have to play alone as virtual pilots are available at your command. If you something more authentic, real players will ready up to complete missions with you as well.

All aviation, vehicles, and fleets presented in War Thunder are historically accurate. There are over 500 vehicles and planes to acquire including tanks, attackers, fighters, anti-air vehicles and more!

War Thunder focusses primarily on PVP content. Various modes are available with difficulty rankings for each. Some objectives include holding and capturing positions and capturing targets or eliminating them. “Events”, another mode available for PVP only, has unique conditions differentiating from all previous models.

For PVE gaming, you can play solo or have up to four players on a team. Separate missions and campaigns are available for the entire team. For both PVP and PVE there are three modes of difficulty to choose from.

War Thunder offers:

  • Beautiful soundtrack

  • Authentic battle and mechanical sound effects

  • Gorgeous graphics

  • Multiplayer modes

  • Custom missions

  • Available on multiple platforms (PC, PS4, Mac and Linux)

War Thunder is a realistic war simulation game with emphasis on combat via military aviation, fleets, and vehicles for armed fighting. With hundreds of hours of content implemented through the many missions and game modes, custom modes, and a naval implementation on the works for the future, War Thunder is the most popular free aviation game on the market. Openly discuss mission objectives, accomplishments, and victories on Twitter or Facebook, now Steam!

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