Last updated Sep 13, 2022


Elvenar is a browser-based and free-to-play MMO strategy game. Just like any other war-based city-building game, you’re required to build a civilization by working on its army and city creation aspects, while simultaneously exploring various expansion possibilities.


The game is set in a fantasy world of Elvenar which is ancient and has stayed untouched for centuries.


Building gameplay

The building gameplay is quite like the other major city-building MMOs out there. In this one, you need to select if you wish to work on a city of humans or elves. It’s mostly the aesthetics that set these two races apart. The buildings you create for them serve almost the same purpose.

You send out elves to construct buildings and they do it pretty efficiently. You get the option of upgrading them a few times, increasing their aesthetic appeal and productivity each time. There are many different ways in which you can deck-up these cities and increase the happiness-quotient of the inhabitants.

Military gameplay

The military aspect of the game involves scouting various land-expansion opportunities outside of the village. The scouts do this job. You either negotiate trading opportunities with the target land’s inhabitants or simply march your army into their place/s, killing everything.

It’s the combat aspect which makes this game shine. Although you may find it slightly janky and unresponsive initially, it’s fun regardless! The combat is turn-based, which is a little unusual for these types of games. The battles are fought on a simple grid map, with troop-movements happening based on their defense-abilities and strength.


The game is 2D and features excellent front-end graphics. You witness a good amount of depth once you’re inside. On the whole, the graphics are fairly decent considering that it’s a browser-based MMO strategy game.


It’d be fair to state that Elvenar is good fun! True that you need time to advance the civilizations, but the game’s battle system and beautiful cities make it all worthwhile. Do give it a chance; you may be pleasantly surprised!

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