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The Best Free Browser Games in 2021

The name speaks for itself. There are games on the internet which you play exclusively in your web browser. The upside is that you don’t have to download and install the games onto your computer’s hard drive. All you need is an internet connection and web browser to play the games. Some of the games may be multiplayer games that you play with other people but not all of them are. As long as you play the game in your browser, then it counts as a browser game. Some popular browser games include Game of Thrones, Vikings and Forge of Empires.


Throne: Kingdom at War

Last updated Jan 21, 2022


Throne: Kingdom at War is a free-to-play Massive Multiplayer Online game.

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Editor's choice


Last updated Dec 06, 2021


Klondike is an exciting browser game that takes you to Alaska during the gold rush era, in search of your father's lost expedition.  

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Taonga: The Island Farm

Last updated Jan 21, 2022

Taonga: The Island Farm is an exciting free browser-based farm game.

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